Top 29 Non-Alcoholic Drinks To Order At A Bar

You want to order a non-alcoholic drink at a bar but want something other than soda water and Ocean Spray. We’ve got the list to end all lists. While alcoholic drinks often dominate the scene, an increasing number of people are now seeking non-alcoholic drinks to order at a bar for various reasons, including personal preferences, health concerns, or designated driving responsibilities. To cater to this growing demand, bars have begun to offer an exciting array of non-alcoholic drinks that are just as flavorful and satisfying as their alcoholic counterparts.

So, whether you’re a teetotaler or simply in the mood for a refreshing change, let’s explore the world of non-alcoholic beverages and discover the exciting possibilities that await you at your favorite bar.

The Best Mocktails To Order At A Bar

1. The Most Common: Mojito Mocktail

best mojito mocktail recipes

When it comes to non-alcoholic beverages, one particular drink has emerged as a popular favorite among bar-goers seeking a refreshing and flavorful option: the Mojito Mocktail. Inspired by the classic Mojito cocktail, this delightful concoction has become a staple on bar menus worldwide that even Redditors can agree.

2. The Classic: Non-Alcoholic Margarita

Feature-non-alcoholic margarita

The Non-Alcoholic Margarita, often referred to as a “Virgin Margarita,” offers a delightful blend of citrusy notes, sweetness, and a hint of salt, all without alcohol. It embodies the traditional Margarita’s characteristic flavors, making it a go-to choice for those who wish to enjoy the classic taste without the intoxicating effects.

3. A Fun Drink: Tequila Sunrise Mocktail

Feature-virgin tequila sunrise cocktail

When it comes to ordering a fun and vibrant non-alcoholic drink at a bar, the Tequila Sunrise Mocktail takes center stage. Inspired by the iconic cocktail of the same name, this refreshing and visually stunning concoction has become a go-to choice for those seeking a lively and enjoyable beverage experience without alcohol.

Traditionally, the Tequila Sunrise Mocktail features a vibrant gradient of orange juice, grenadine, and sparkling water or soda, reminiscent of a breathtaking sunrise. The combination of sweet and tangy flavors, coupled with the layered hues, creates an exciting visual appeal that adds an element of fun to any bar experience.

4. The Good Fruity Drink: Non-Alcoholic Mimosa

non-alcoholic mimosa

One of the reasons why the Non-Alcoholic Mimosa is a good fruity drink to order at a bar is its versatility and accessibility. Orange juice, the main ingredient, is readily available and loved by many for its natural sweetness and vibrant citrus taste. The addition of sparkling water or soda adds a pleasant effervescence that elevates the drink’s refreshing qualities, making it a delightful choice for those looking to quench their thirst with a fruity twist.

5. The Sweet One: Non-Alcoholic Aperol Spritz

non-alcoholic aperol spritz

The Non-Alcoholic Aperol Spritz captures the essence of its spirited counterpart by combining a blend of fruity and herbal notes, all without the presence of alcohol. It typically features a non-alcoholic bitter aperitif as a base, which mimics the distinctive taste of Aperol. This is then combined with sparkling water or soda and a splash of orange juice, creating a beautifully balanced and sweet beverage that tantalizes the taste buds.

6. The Pink Drink: Virgin Paloma Mocktail

The lively colors and eye-catching garnishes make the Virgin Paloma a visually captivating choice that is perfect for those who appreciate a drink with a stylish flair.

virgin paloma recipe

The Virgin Paloma’s appeal lies in its vibrant and refreshing nature. Served over ice in a highball glass, it showcases a vivid pink hue that is visually appealing and enticing. It is often garnished with a slice of grapefruit or a sprig of mint, enhancing the presentation and adding a touch of elegance to the overall experience.

7. The “I’m Tough” Drink: Dark And Stormy Mocktail

how to make a dark and stormy mocktail

The Dark and Stormy Mocktail is an excellent choice when you want to order a drink that exudes boldness at a bar. It says “I don’t mess with fruity drinks but I like rum. A lot.” It typically features a base of non-alcoholic ginger beer, which provides a bold and spicy kick reminiscent of the stormy elements that inspired the cocktail’s name. This is then complemented by a splash of lime juice for a refreshing citrus twist.

8. The Savory One: Non-Alcoholic Bloody Mary

non-alcoholic bloody mary

What sets the Non-Alcoholic Bloody Mary apart and makes it the most savory drink to order at a bar is its distinctive combination of spices and seasonings. Using ingredients like celery salt, black pepper, and a dash of umami-rich soy sauce or liquid smoke intensifies the savory experience, elevating the drink to new heights. These savory elements combine to create a robust and mouthwatering mocktail that is both refreshing and satisfying.

9. The Tropical Drink: Mai Tai Mocktail

mai tai mocktail

One of the reasons why the Mai Tai Mocktail is considered a tropical escape at the bar is its ability to evoke the feeling of being on a sunny vacation. The combination of pineapple, citrus, and other tropical flavors instantly transports you to a beachside oasis, where the gentle breeze and swaying palm trees create a sense of relaxation and bliss.

10. Low Carb: Non-Alcoholic Old Fashioned

non-alcoholic old fashioned

Non-Alcoholic Fashioned stands out as the best low-carb drink to order at a bar because of its ability to deliver a full-bodied and satisfying taste experience. The combination of sugar-free sweeteners, bitters, and citrus creates a complex and flavorful profile that resembles the original cocktail. The absence of alcohol eliminates the carbs in traditional spirits, making it a carb-conscious choice for those adhering to a low-carb diet.

11. A Cheap One: Virgin Moscow Mule

virgin moscow mule

A Virgin Moscow Mule typically consists of ginger beer, lime juice, and a garnish of fresh lime wedges. These ingredients are readily available and inexpensive, making it an affordable drink option for those seeking a non-alcoholic beverage at a bar without breaking the bank.

12. The Bitter One: Non-Alcoholic Negroni

how to make a non-alcoholic negroni

The Non-Alcoholic Negroni’s flavor profile is not solely defined by bitterness but also by a balance of herbal and aromatic notes. The inclusion of vermouth and other botanical-infused ingredients adds complexity and depth to the mocktail. The result is a bold and robust flavor experience that appeals to those who appreciate the interplay of bitter and herbal elements in their drinks.

13. A Refreshing Taste: Non-Alcoholic Prosecco

the best non-alcoholic prosecco substitutes

When it comes to refreshing and effervescent drinks, Non-Alcoholic Prosecco stands out as a delightful choice. Inspired by the beloved Italian sparkling wine, this alcohol-free alternative offers a light and invigorating experience that is perfect for those seeking a refreshing beverage at a bar.

14. The Aromatic One: Non-Alcoholic Espresso Martini

how to make a non-alcoholic espresso martini

The Non-Alcoholic Espresso Martini is typically made with freshly brewed espresso or strong coffee, combined with sugar-free coffee syrup, chocolate syrup, and a touch of cream or dairy-free alternative for a creamy texture. This mocktail focuses primarily on the indulgent flavors and the aromatic experience it offers rather than providing an energy boost.

15. With A Deeper Caffeine Taste: Non-Alcoholic Irish Coffee

non-alcoholic irish coffee

One of the key distinctions between Non-Alcoholic Irish Coffee and Non-Alcoholic Espresso Martini lies in the depth and intensity of the coffee flavor. While both drinks draw inspiration from coffee, the Non-Alcoholic Irish Coffee often showcases a deeper and more pronounced coffee taste. By using a dark roast or a coffee blend with bold flavors, the drink can achieve a more robust coffee profile that resonates with coffee aficionados.

16. The Creamiest: Non-Alcoholic Irish Cream

non-alcoholic irish cream recipe

When indulging in a creamy and decadent treat, Non-Alcoholic Irish Cream offers a delightful option that stands apart from Non-Alcoholic Espresso Martini and Non-Alcoholic Irish Coffee.

Non-Alcoholic Irish Cream typically features a blend of cream or a dairy-free alternative, along with coffee extracts, chocolate or cocoa powder, and sugar-free sweeteners or syrups. These ingredients come together to create a smooth and velvety mocktail that evokes the luxurious flavors of traditional Irish Cream.

17. Low-Calorie: Non-Alcoholic Gin And Tonic

non-alcoholic gin and tonic

For those seeking a low-calorie mocktail option at a bar, the Non-Alcoholic Gin and Tonic stands out as a refreshing and waistline-friendly choice. Opting for a non-alcoholic gin alternative allows you to enjoy the flavors and experience of a Gin and Tonic without the additional calories.

18. The Simple One: Non-Alcoholic Seltzer

non-alcoholic seltzer

When it comes to simplicity and ease, Non-Alcoholic Seltzer stands out as the easiest mocktail to make. With just two key ingredients, it offers a refreshing and fuss-free beverage option that can be prepared in no time.

Non-Alcoholic Seltzer is typically made by combining carbonated water, also known as seltzer water or sparkling water, with a splash of flavoring, such as fruit juice or sugar-free syrup. This straightforward combination allows you to customize your mocktail according to your taste preferences and desired level of sweetness.

19. With Diverse Flavors: Non-Alcoholic Michelagua

Feature-non-alcoholic michelagua

The Non-Alcoholic Michelagua can be personalized with additional ingredients and garnishes to enhance its flavors and presentation. Some variations include Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, chili powder, black pepper, or even a splash of citrus soda. Garnishes like celery salt, Tajin seasoning, cucumber slices, or even a shrimp cocktail can further elevate the taste and visual appeal.

Brands Of Non-Alcoholic Beers To Order At A Bar

20. The World’s First: Clausthaler Dry Hopped

clausthaler dry hopped

Clausthaler Dry Hopped is a popular choice among beer enthusiasts. One of the distinguishing features of Clausthaler Dry Hopped Non-Alcoholic Beer is its balanced and satisfying flavor profile. It combines the sweetness of malt with the bitterness and aromatic qualities of hops, resulting in a well-rounded and refreshing taste. 

The dry hopping process further enhances the beer’s flavors, infusing it with aromatic hop notes that create a distinctive and enjoyable drinking experience.

21. The Popular One: Heineken 0.0

heineken non-alcoholic beer

Heineken 0.0 has gained popularity among beer drinkers for several reasons. Aside from brand recognition, one of the primary reasons for its popularity is its ability to deliver an authentic beer taste. The brewers at Heineken have carefully crafted the Heineken 0.0 to mimic the original Heineken beer’s flavor profile closely. This attention to taste allows beer drinkers to enjoy the familiar flavors they love without the alcohol content.

22. The Iconic One: Guinness 0.0

Feature-non-alcoholic guinness review

Guinness 0.0 has a stronger fruit flavor than full-strength Guinness, which has a more prominent coffee fragrance. It pours with a smooth, creamy appearance and settles slightly faster. The aroma is dominated by dark roasted grains, with subtle coffee and dark chocolate notes. The nitrogen in the beer gives it a creamy texture, and the mild carbonation contributes to its body.

23. The Best IPA: Samuel Adams Non-Alcoholic IPA

samuel adams non-alcoholic IPA

Samuel Adams Non-Alcoholic IPA: Just The Haze offers a burst of flavor with aromas of grapefruit, tangerine, lime, pineapple, guava, and passion fruit. It stands out from other non-alcoholic beers with its full body and smooth, almost velvety finish, setting it apart from the watery mouthfeel typically associated with non-alcoholic brews. 

In the brewing process, various yeast strains were tested, and the addition of oats and wheat contributed to its body. Citra, Mosaic, Sabro, and Cascade hops lend the beer a fruity aroma.

24. Double Brewed Malt: Coors Non-Alcoholic Beer

coors non-alcoholic beer

Double-brewed malt non-alcoholic beers, including Coors Non-Alcoholic Beer, often strive to deliver a balanced and enjoyable flavor profile. These beers aim to capture the essence of traditional malt beverages while keeping the alcohol content at a minimum. Expect a smooth and mild taste with subtle malt sweetness, grainy notes, and potential hints of caramel or toasty flavors.

25. Calorie-Free Dry Hopped: Lagunitas Non-Alcoholic Beer

lagunitas non-alcoholic beer

Lagunitas Hoppy Refresher is a unique beverage that combines the qualities of dry-hopped sparkling water with 0.0% alcohol by volume (ABV). It features abundant carbonation and a blend of fragrant terpenes extracted from hops, including bubblegum, lime, lemon, tangerine, and a touch of pine. A small amount of brewer’s yeast is added to facilitate the biotransformation process and enhance the flavor profile.

26. Pale Lager-Style: BECK’S Non-Alcoholic Beer

beck's non-alcoholic beer

BECK’S Non-Alcoholic beer is a malt-based drink that boasts a light, golden hue and exudes fragrant hints of flavorful malt and European hops. It offers a refreshing taste characterized by its clean and crisp flavor profile, leaving a delightful hoppy aftertaste. You can choose between BECK’S Blue or BECK’S Green Lemon Zero when ordering it at a bar.

More Options For The Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks To Order At A Bar

27. The Cool One: Dirty Soda

Dirty Soda has been a Utah state favorite for over ten years. Consider it a non-alcoholic reversible cocktail.

It’s created with cream, flavoring syrup, and your choice of soda (typically cola, although it can also be made with citrus-flavored soda, root beer, or even lemonade). The major Dirty Soda ingredients are heavy cream, coconut-flavored syrup, lime, and Diet Coke. It’s similar to an egg cream, but it’s made with flavored soda instead of seltzer water.

28. A Light Drink: Non-Alcoholic Kombucha

are there non-alcoholic kombuchas

One of the key reasons why non-alcoholic kombucha is considered a light drink is its relatively low calorie and sugar content compared to many other bar beverages. The fermentation process converts much of the sugar into organic acids, resulting in a tangy and slightly sweet taste. As a result, non-alcoholic kombucha can be a lighter alternative to sugary cocktails or traditional soft drinks, making it an appealing choice for those seeking a refreshing and health-conscious option.

29. Good For Your Health: Non-Alcoholic Hot Toddy

non-alcoholic hot toddy recipes

Traditionally, a hot toddy is a warm alcoholic beverage made with ingredients like whiskey, hot water, lemon, honey, and spices. However, non-alcoholic versions of hot toddies have become increasingly popular, offering a comforting and flavorful option for those who prefer to avoid alcohol.

A non-alcoholic hot toddy can offer a comforting and health-conscious beverage option. It can provide hydration, soothing effects, immune-boosting ingredients, respiratory benefits, digestive aid, and relaxation support.

Non-Alcoholic Drinks To Order At A Bar: Try Them Yourself!

For many people, the sole reason they go to a bar is to consume alcohol. It’s also no secret that some bar workers drink on the job. Consuming alcohol appears to be a part of the job—bartenders may test cocktails as they go, accept a customer’s offer to buy them a shot or relax after a hard shift. 

Professionals in the bar sector navigate a career built around drinking night after night. But the latest frontier in making the bar scene more inclusive is catering to the zero-proof audience. Restaurateurs, bartenders, and others have recently begun responding to this demand.

non-alcoholic drinks to order at a bar

Non-Alcoholic Drinks To Order At A Bar FAQs

Can you drink non-alcoholic drinks at a bar?

Yes, you can typically drink non-alcoholic drinks at a bar. Many bars and establishments offer a variety of non-alcoholic options to cater to customers who prefer non-alcoholic beverages for various reasons such as personal choice, designated driving, health considerations, or simply wanting a break from alcohol.

Non-alcoholic drinks at bars can include a wide range of options, such as mocktails, non-alcoholic beer, non-alcoholic wine, soft drinks, juices, flavored waters, specialty non-alcoholic beverages, and more.

How to ask for a virgin drink?

To order a non-alcoholic beverage, simply ask the bartender or waitress if they have any specialty mocktails, non-alcoholic, or virgin cocktails – whatever word feels appropriate to you. If you want to be discreet, get a cocktail menu for yourself.

If you’re ordering a specific cocktail, you can add “without alcohol” or “no alcohol” to your request. For instance, you might say, “I’d like a margarita, but without alcohol, please.”

What are the most basic non-alcoholic drinks to order at a bar?

Mocktails and non-alcoholic beers are the most basic non-alcoholic drinks to order at a bar. Heineken 0.0 is quite popular with a lot of beer enthusiasts as it mimics the original flavor of its counterpart. On the other hand, a Virgin Mojito is the most common one to be ordered at a bar by individuals who are abstaining from alcohol.

What non-alcoholic drinks to order at a bar for a girl?

The Virgin Paloma is sometimes considered a girly drink. The lively colors and eye-catching garnishes make the Virgin Paloma a visually captivating choice, perfect for those who appreciate a drink with a stylish flair.

However, it is important to note that the perception of a drink as “manly” or “feminine” is subjective and can vary among individuals. These stereotypes should not limit anyone’s enjoyment or choice of beverage.