Meet The Founders


We’re Anne and Matt.

We love hiking, long walks on the beach, beach bars and entertaining. But we hate being hungover.

We’re always on the go and sometimes our travel plans require us to be sober. Like when we’re planning a 20 mile hike in Glacier National Park (watch out for bears) or a half marathon in redwood forest (watch out for mountain lions) and work events (take it from us, it’s not a good thing to lose focus during a speech and tell your clients to “suck less”). It’s great being out and about but we found it incredibly difficult to find great non-alcoholic options in our travels.

And that’s how Simple Mocktail Recipes came about. Our community has grown and our site evolved into writing about all things sober culture including a mocktail recipe ebook. The natural next step was to curate a collection of our favorite non-alcoholic drinks.

We started our own sober drink shop and now have partnered with Better Rhodes to bring our community the best lo and no alc options!

We know you’re going to love their shop full of non-alcoholic spirits and mixers for your lifestyle.

Whatever your choices, we’re glad you’re here! Sober spirits make great mocktails so be sure to tag @soberbarfinder when showing off your mixology skills.


Anne & Matt