10 Best Non-Alcoholic Wines We’ve Tasted

The best non-alcoholic wines come in various styles, including red, white, and sparkling. They cater to different tastes and occasions, providing options for those who enjoy a crisp white wine with a meal or a sparkling beverage for a celebratory toast.

The market for non-alcoholic wines has expanded in recent years, with more options available in specialty stores and mainstream supermarkets. This reflects a growing demand for alternatives that align with changing consumer preferences and a broader cultural shift toward mindful drinking.

So, the next time you’re in the mood for a glass of wine but want to skip the alcohol, consider giving a non-alcoholic version a try!

Best Tasting Non-Alcoholic Wine


giesen best non-alcoholic wines

Price: Under $17

Giesen Wines is one of the top 10 wineries in New Zealand. They take pride in their state-of-the-art winery in the heart of Marlborough, which keeps its promise to produce outstanding wines that consumers will enjoy.

What Does Giesen Non-Alcoholic Wines Taste Like?

Giesen Wines enjoys producing fine wines for any occasion, and the Giesen 0% line is no exception. Here are the tasting notes for each of their product listed above:

  • Non-Alcoholic Red Blend – Crushed blackberry and wild herb notes dominate this low-calorie, alcohol-free Premium Red. This light and refreshing non-alcoholic wine with a classic structure and delicate tannins on the finish is created by the palate’s combination of crushed red berries and plum, counterbalanced by toasted wood.
  • Non-Alcoholic Sauvignon Blanc – This crisp, acidic New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc will coat your palate with a citrus flavor enhanced by notes of black currants and passion fruits. Fresh, fruity, sweet, and zesty flavors are all perfectly harmonized in one mouthful. On the nose, there are notes of lemon shortbread, red currant, and fresh lime.
  • Non-Alcoholic Pinot Grigio – On the palate, this classic Pinot Grigio’s notes of apple and pear coexist with a hint of muscat grape. It’s electable, light, and well-balanced in terms of sweetness and acidity. Red apples, lychee, and white flowers dominate the nose.
  • Non-Alcoholic Rosé – A dry European Rosé that accentuates the weight and intensity of the fruit from the New World. This non-alcoholic Rosé is full-bodied and crisp on the palate. Light floral overtones highlight the aromas of vibrant cherries and raspberries. 
  • Non-Alcoholic Riesling – With zingy lime, luscious mandarin, exquisite sweetness, and a crisp, refreshing finish, the palate presents lively and refreshing Riesling characteristics. Waipara fruit contributes flowery notes, while Marlborough adds citrus flavor to the wine, resulting in a stunning, well-structured Riesling.


noughty best non-alcoholic wines

Price: Under $25

You can find Noughty in the coolest bars, restaurants, hotels, and spas across the US, Canada, and Europe. They use organic grapes to produce the best wines to try.

What Does Noughty Dealcoholized Wines Taste Like?

Noughty is very specific with their winemaking process. Their dealcoholization process involves using a spun cone technology. Below are the tasting notes for their dealcoholized wines:

  • Rouge – This is a well-balanced, silky red Syrah with notes of dried rose petals, crushed black pepper, and ripe fruit. This elegant wine is perfect for everyone because it is low in calories and sugar and B-Corp certified.
  • Sparkling Chardonnay – Rich apple crispness, lots of tiny bubbles, a hint of fruitiness, and a final hint of sweetness characterize this medium-dry wine. As one might anticipate from a Chardonnay grape, it’s slightly sweet with a well-balanced richness.
  • Sparkling Rosé – This Rosé is delightfully light, bubbly, and has a balanced sweetness. It tastes like ripe strawberries and raspberries with a little hint of tart cherries. The sweetness and acidity are in excellent balance.
  • Blanc – On the scent, there are notes of yellow apple, lime, and chamomile; on the taste, there are notes of honeysuckle, citrus fruit, and jasmine. A perfect harmony between fruitiness and acidity.


fre best non-alcoholic wines

Price: Under $28

Fré non-alcoholic wine is produced by one of America’s most reputable wine companies, Sutter Home Winery. Here’s a list of their impressive collection:

What Does Fré Non-Alcoholic Wines Taste Like?

Fré wines are produced using a spinning cone column. At low temperatures, the spinning cone helps protect and extract delicate wine tastes and aromas; at slightly higher degrees, it extracts the alcohol. After the base wine has been de-alcoholized, the wine essences are added back and combined with unfermented grape juice. The tasting notes are:

  • Red Blend – Fré Red Blend has rich scents of black cherries and a deep red color. Rich and velvety, it has a fascinating smokey flavor and loads of vibrant cherry and grapefruit. It has a protracted, fruity aftertaste.
  • Cabernet Sauvignon – A rich palate of berries and spice frames the black cherry scents of Cabernet Sauvignon, which ends in a deliciously juicy aftertaste.
  • Merlot – Fré Merlot boasts a lovely burgundy hue and a rich, indulgent taste. It is wonderfully smooth, has a thick, rich finish, and enticing scents of black plums and gentle cherry and spice notes.
  • Chardonnay – Exhibiting a rich golden color and vibrant notes of tropical fruit, this non-alcoholic Chardonnay has bright citrus notes blended with rich, creamy apple tastes, creating an enjoyable tart finish.
  • Sauvignon Blanc – Fré Sauvignon Blanc has fresh tones of green grass and gentle, tropical fruit aromas. The vibrant acidity and mouthwatering flavors of passion fruit and mango, traditionally associated with California Sauvignon Blanc, are present in every sip. You’ll want to sip on another glass after tasting the dry finish.
  • Moscato – Fré’s alcohol-free Moscato is rich in its delicious flavor and aroma. Beautiful peach and rose petal scents precede sweet, creamy tastes that end in a delightfully long aftertaste.
  • Sparkling Brut – Fré’s non-alcoholic Sparkling Brut has crisp apple and strawberry flavors complemented by the scents of juicy pears and green apples. This bubbly has a dry, refreshing finish and is expertly balanced.
  • White Zinfandel – This White Zinfandel is similar to a sun-filled summer day with its delicate rose color and rich flavor. Delightful scents of cranberries and strawberries give way to crisp, juicy fruit flavors and a delightfully long-lasting finish.
  • Rosé – This Rosé is a light pink wine with vibrant notes of lemon and strawberries. The palate is crisp and delicious, with juicy berry notes and a lovely, cool finish.


ariel best non-alcoholic wines

Price: Under $15

The main source of fruit for ARIEL dealcoholized wines is the J. Lohr estate vineyards, which are responsibly cultivated and selected for their unique microclimates and soil compositions, spanning from Monterey County to Paso Robles. Their wines are dealcoholized using the novel spinning cone column method.

What Does Ariel Non-Alcoholic Wines Taste Like?

Ariel wines have less than 0.5% ABV and fewer calories than ordinary wines. Here’s what you can expect upon tasting:

  • Cabernet Sauvignon – Aromas of chocolate, blueberries, cherries, and black currants will greet you upon first tasting. It has a dry finish and mild tannins.
  • Chardonnay – Ariel Chardonnay is a distinct combination of buttery apple and butterscotch flavor combined with a toasty French oak fragrance, all thanks to its tropical fruit profile and light oak from barrel aging.


freixenet best non-alcoholic wines

Price: Under $16

Spain’s Penedès DO is home to the production of Freixenet sparkling wines. The end product is a line of vibrant, fruit-forward sparkling wines perfect for any occasion and appealing to consumers who value wellness and health.

What Does Freixenet Non-Alcoholic Wines Taste Like?

A cold, sterile filtering process takes place before bottling Freixenet sparkling wines. In the end, this is how they taste:

  • Sparkling Rosé – Fruity, vibrant, and very fresh, this Sparkling Rosé has aromas of wild berries such as raspberry and strawberry, along with floral notes and tropical fruits.
  • White Wine – This White Wine is delicious, crisp, and fruity. It features refreshing tropical notes and elegant citrus hints.

Prima Pavé

prima pave best non-alcoholic wines

Price: $90 (for a pack of 3)

Handcrafted in Italy, Prima Pavé is an award-winning range of non-alcoholic sparkling wines. Their wines have no added sugar or chemicals, highlighting the terroir, character, and flavor richness represented by well-chosen Italian grapes.

What Does Prima Pavé Non-Alcoholic Wines Taste Like?

With a unique, all-natural method, all Prima Pavé wines are dealcoholized to produce the greatest bubbles without the alcohol. And the tasting notes are:

  • Rose Brut – This non-alcoholic rose has fresh, vivid fruit and a floral, complex, crisp finish. On the palate, you can expect red currant, cantaloupe, peach skin, lychee, and tangerine notes. 
  • Blanc de Blancs – Blanc de Blancs features a blend of Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc and Gewürztraminer. You will notice notes of white peach, green apple, honeydew, kiwi, and elderflower. 
  • Rose Dolce – With a delicately sweet, bright acidity and round finish, Rose Dolce tastes like candied lychee, strawberry jam, blood orange, and rose.


lautus best non-alcoholic wines

Price: Under $22

In 2017, Lautus first introduced South Africa’s first de-alcoholized wine. Modern methods and technology are used in the production, which is made to be the best in the business, and Lautus is the top producer in South Africa for this type of wine.

What Does Lautus Non-Alcoholic Wines Taste Like?

Lautus meticulously abides by wine rules and only uses ingredients permitted in traditional winemaking. Thus, their wines taste like:

  • Savvy Red – To make this blend, Lautus uses Shiraz, Pinotage, Tempranillo, and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. The flavors of pure red and black berries are highlighted in this combination, along with a hint of wood. Juicy but understated fruit and excellent tannins support the refined palate.
  • Sauvignon Blanc – For this Sauvignon Blanc, Lautus sources grapes from Stellenbosch and a tiny portion from a coastal region. It has scents of citrus, capsicum, and gooseberries. Lime and tropical fruit provide the palate’s foundation, while the finish is crisp and acidic.
  • Chardonnay – With bright orange and kumquat notes, this warmer climate Chardonnay has a light straw color and clean summer fruit flavors. The taste is produced by the subtle spice carried through on the palate from the mild oaking. Freshness and well-balanced acidity persist into the aftertaste.
  • Rosé – Lautus Rosé is a wine made with great care to highlight luscious red berry fruits’ subtle nuances and purity. In addition, it’s drier than other non-alcoholic rosés available. Pure red cherry scents infused with floral overtones, there is a hint of sweetness on the palate, but the acidity is well-balanced.
  • Sparkling Rosé – This tastes just like Lautus Rosé, but the only difference is that it’s a sparkling wine. 
  • Sparkling Brut – This bubbly has a vibrant finish that is refined. It has scents of fresh apples, citrus blossoms, and white peaches. 


luminara best non-alcoholic wines

Price: Under $24

Together with Napa Valley winemakers, the founders of Luminara have created an incredible experience that will make you want to drink a second or perhaps a third glass. By using the cutting-edge spinning cone column technology, the alcohol from their wines is eliminated without compromising flavor. 

What Does Luminara Non-Alcoholic Wines Taste Like?

Luminara blends are matured in American and French oak barrels after the wine is made, which gives the initial sip a rich texture.

  • Napa Red Blend 2020 – The wine has a distinct Napa feel thanks to its deep structure, well-balanced tannins, and rich flavors of black cherry and luscious red fruits. Then, you’ll appreciate its subtle undertones of spice and smoke when you swirl it around your mouth a little. With just the proper amount of reviving acidity, it has an unexpectedly lengthy and lingering finish. The mix, which is 70% Pinot Noir and 30% Zinfandel, is the ideal smoothness, brightness, and punch balance.
  • Chardonnay 2020 – After taking your first drink, you’ll notice subtle hints of Fuji apple and creamy lemon. You will then detect the fruity sweetness towards the end after a short while.

Hill Street Vin (Zero)

Price: Under $15

The finest ingredients were used by the makers of Hill Street Wines Vin (Zero) to produce amazing wines without the guilt.

What Does Hill Street Vin (Zero) Non-Alcoholic Wines Taste Like?

The winemakers at Hill Street Wines Vin (Zero) used the greatest of their abilities to produce unique non-alcoholic wines with distinct flavors.

  • Cabernet Sauvignon – Black currant with a faint chocolate flavor. There are cranberry and cherry flavors along with a well-balanced palate. It is balanced out with a light finish and a little hint of sweetness from its fruity undertones.
  • Chardonnay – The winemaker put a lot of effort into making Vin (Zero) Chardonnay a tangy, light, and pleasant beverage. This delicately tart little gem pairs well with fish, poultry, pork, and seafood and has just the right amount of zest to make anyone’s day.
  • Shiraz – This little Persian beauty will win you over with its strong flavors of peach, red berries, and raspberries.
  • Merlot – This wine is aged in barrels made of stainless steel. This produced a Merlot that was highly drinkable. It is strong red like blackberry juice poured over vanilla ice cream. It has a slight currant flavor as well, but the blackberries and possibly some blueberries are the main players.
  • Brut Blanc – Consistent bubbles and flavors of brioche and green apples.

Wander + Found

Price: Under $20

Straight from Germany’s famed Rhine wine region, Wander + Found brings us all of their centuries-old knowledge to create incredibly exquisite non-alcoholic wines.

Some of these flavors are also available in wine cans!

What Does Wander + Found Non-Alcoholic Wines Taste Like?

Here’s why these non-alcoholic wines should be your next party companions:

  • Pinot Noir – You will detect flavors of ripened dark red fruits and the earthy richness of dried currants in this well-blended red wine. It boasts a lengthy, complex finish and a well-known and desirable tannic structure.
  • Rosé – With flavors of citrus and luscious cherries, this delightful wine delivers a unique complexity that is tempered with a mineral foundation that gives it depth and structure and initiates a surprisingly lengthy finish.
  • Sparkling Rosé – Refreshing and crisp, this premium Sparkling Rosé has flavors of vibrant red fruits, rose hips, and an unexpected minerality. Enjoy this adaptable wine as an aperitif, spritzer, or celebratory glass anytime.
  • Cuvée Blanc – This unusual wine is crisp and refreshing with hints of lime and lemon and a vibrant sharpness from green apples. Its body is enhanced by the perfect amount of acidity, which is both bold and delicate, with a lengthy, rather dry finish.
  • Sparkling Cuvée Blanc – Notes of tart gooseberry, sweet starfruit, and zesty citrus make this premium Sparkling Cuvée Blanc delightful.

What Is The Best Non-Alcoholic Wine?

One of the main reasons people opt for non-alcoholic wines is the desire to enjoy the taste and experience of wine without the effects of alcohol. Whether it’s for health reasons, pregnancy, or simply a personal preference, non-alcoholic wines offer a way to savor the complexity and nuances of wine without the buzz.

Determining the “best” non-alcoholic wine can be subjective, largely depending on individual taste preferences. However, several reputable brands have received positive reviews for their non-alcoholic wine offerings (the ones I’ve listed above).

It’s worth trying different brands and varieties to find the non-alcoholic wine that best suits your taste buds.

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Best Non-Alcoholic Wines FAQs

Is there an alcohol-free wine that tastes like wine?

Yes, there are non-alcoholic wines that strive to replicate the taste and characteristics of traditional wines. Some brands have successfully created non-alcoholic wines that closely resemble their alcoholic counterparts, providing a satisfying wine experience without the alcohol.

Is it OK to drink non-alcoholic wine?

Absolutely! Non-alcoholic wine is a great option for various reasons. Whether you’re looking to avoid alcohol for health reasons, pregnancy, or personal preference, non-alcoholic wine allows you to enjoy the taste and experience of wine without the effects of alcohol.

Is non-alcoholic wine 100% alcohol-free?

While non-alcoholic wines have significantly reduced alcohol content, they may not be completely alcohol-free. Most non-alcoholic wines typically contain trace amounts of alcohol, often less than 0.5% alcohol by volume (ABV). This minimal amount is generally considered safe for individuals who want to avoid alcohol entirely.

How do you drink alcohol-free wine?

Drinking alcohol-free wine is similar to consuming regular wine. Serve it chilled for whites and rosés or at room temperature for reds. Use appropriate wine glasses to enhance the tasting experience. Pair non-alcoholic wine with your favorite meals, cheeses, or appetizers. Some people also enjoy using non-alcoholic wine in mocktails or as a base for alcohol-free spritzers.