Wander And Found Wine Review

Ditch the Buzz, Not the Fizz: Wander + Found Non-Alcoholic Wines for Your Next Brunch or New Year’s Eve Bash

Let’s face it, folks, sometimes we crave the celebratory spirit of a glass of bubbly without the actual alcohol. Enter the amazing world of Wander and Found wines! This non-alcoholic wine brand is like the cool kid at the party – they’re all about good vibes, sophisticated taste, and zero rAgrets the next morning. Not even a single letter.

Wander And Found: Born In The Land Of Riesling And Lederhosen

Wander + Found comes to us straight from the heart of Germany’s legendary Rhine wine region. You know, that place where winemaking is practically a birthright? Yeah, that’s where their magic happens. They take all that centuries-old expertise and pour it into crafting non-alcoholic wines that are seriously delicious.

wander and found wine

Why Drink Wander And Found Wine?

Forget boring, bland non-alcoholic wine options. Wander + Found offers a variety of still and sparkling wines that will tantalize your senses. Whether you’re feeling fancy with their award-winning non-alcoholic Pinot Noir or craving a light and refreshing Cuvée Blanc, they’ve got something to satisfy your inner sommelier. And let’s not forget their sparkling options – the Cuvée Blanc and sparkling Rosé are guaranteed to add a touch of effervescent joy to any occasion.

So, Why Should You Choose Wander + Found?

Here’s why these non-alcoholic gems should be your next party companions:

  • Award-Winning Taste: They’ve snagged medals at fancy awards like the PR%F AWARDS and the World Alcohol-Free Awards, so you know they’re legit.
  • Flavor Explosion: Their gentle alcohol removal process ensures you get all the deliciousness without the buzz.
  • Natural and Nice: No GMOs, no weird stuff, just pure goodness.
  • Something for Everyone: From bold reds to bubbly whites, they have the perfect pairing for every dish and mood.
non alcoholic pinot noir

Serve Wander And Found At Brunch or NYE

These non-alcoholic beauties are the perfect way to elevate your brunch game or add a touch of sophistication to your New Year’s Eve festivities. So ditch the hangover and embrace the fun with Wander + Found. Let’s raise a glass (or two) to celebrating in style, without compromising on taste!

Ready to join the Wander + Found fam? Click here to explore their collection and find your new favorite party partner!

Wander And Found Mocktail Recipes by Better Rhodes

Turkish Cooler: Wander and Found Cuvée Blanc

wander and found wine review
photo credit: Better Rhodes


  • 3 oz Wander and Found Cuvee Blanc
  • 1.5 oz apricot and saffron syrup
  • Garnish: Skewered dried apricot and 3 saffron threads on top of 2×2 ice cube

For the simple syrup:

  • Boil 1/1 ratio sugar and water
  • Steep 8 dried apricots and 10 strands saffron in your sugar/water mix while it cools

For the drink:

  • Add ingredients in mixing glass and stir until completely chilled
  • Strain over ice and enjoy immediately
  • Garnish with a skewered apricot

5 Spiced Cranberry Fizz: Wander and Found Cuvée Blanc Sparkling 

sparkling wine mocktail
photo credit: Better Rhodes


  • 2 oz cranberry 5 spice syrup
  • 4 oz (½ can) Cuvée Blanc
  • 15 dried cranberries
  • 1 tbsp Chinese 5 spice
  • Garnish: Grated nutmeg on top


For the simple syrup:

  • Boil 1/1 sugar and water, cranberries, Chinese spice

For the drink:

  • Build in glass over ice
  • Add 1 oz Spiced Cranberry Syrup
  • Top with Wander and Found Cuvee Blanc Sparkling wine
  • Garnish with grated nutmeg
  • Enjoy immediately!

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